Monday, July 23, 2018

💦June/July Blog 

June through August are typically slow months in this area while people are vacationing and resting up for the winter visitors season.  We have been working hard on the Quiet Zone project and assisting our Members with their business projects. Benson is seeing some new businesses start up and SAEDG is doing everything possible to assist anyone who comes to us. September will bring a lot of new beginnings and we are excited to see the growth and improvement of the quality of life in Benson as well as Douglas, Willcox, Bowie, Huachuca City, Sierra Vista and more!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May - Moving in to Summer...

A lot of meetings this month while everyone is wrapping it up for vacation time.  Arizona G&T , SEAGO and SAEDG all had events this month which provided a wealth of information regarding the Economic Development of Southern Arizona.  We also had a very informative and fun Tour of Excelsior for our members. There are many improvements that are going to start very soon with Excelsior and other businesses in our area which will be a boost to the economy with more business and jobs for the area...more information to come!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

April Update

Let's talk about SAEDG's very popular Networking Luncheon...

Our next Networking Luncheon is May 15th. To get an invitation to this event you will need to be a Member or the guest of a Member. There are a few open seats after our Members have signed up that we fill, by request, with those who are not members. Members who sign up for the luncheons are guaranteed a seat at any/all luncheons. These luncheons provide a wealth of information regarding upcoming and current developments that are advantageous to the economic health of Southeast Arizona. The luncheons are attended by business owners, those in the field of economic development, developers, state and local government officials, chamber of commerce, and more. The luncheons include a catered lunch, speakers, raffle for door prize and a time before lunch set aside for networking.

To become a Member please go to our home page of this website ( and select the Level of membership you would like and click the Become A Member button for payment. Click the new More Information link below the Membership button to get an overview of the Membership benefits.

Other news: Villages at Vigneto is still a go. Gracie's Station is now called Butterfield Station and it has a new look! Don't forget to sign your favorite candidates petitions for City Council. SAEDG has office space for rent, contact us for more information.

A special Thank You to our Members for your support.

Until next month...