Friday, March 28, 2014

Western Heritage Museum

The Western Heritage Museum is an organization being formed to showcase the heritage, history and culture of Southeast Arizona.  Primarily focused on Cochise County, it will tell the intertwined stories of native peoples, mining, explosives, transportation, military, ranching and farming along with the movie - entertainment industries and how they influenced our region and all of the Southwestern United States.

A rich interactive story told in a user directed multi-media experience visitors will want to visit again and again,  The museum experience will provide a unique understanding of the region from the time of the Spaniards and missionaries to the modern day.  The Western Heritage Museum will be a place to inspire guests to visit places and experience the many activities that our diverse and exciting area has to offer.

As Benson is considered by all as the "Gateway to Cochise County" the museum will be located on 4th street where it will be accessible to all visitors coming into and leaving Cochise County.