Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer is over, time to get back to work.

Labor Day is behind us.  Summer is about over.  Hope all of you enjoyed a few days off.  Now we need to focus on projects that we can complete.

The Western Heritage Center - Apache Museum has made progress, in June we had a very successful Fundraising Golf Tournament at the San Pedro Golf Course.  On September 20th we will be hosting a Dinner and Photo exhibit at Cochise College to help the project.  We look forward to having you in attendance.  Please watch our website for additional information.

The City of Benson is very fortunate to have Mr. William Stephens as the New City Manager.  Bill started this Spring and has made a quick adjustment and been instrumental in helping Benson get back on track.

UAS @ Benson Airport: is being advanced by cooperation with the City of Benson, Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation, SAEDG, Thompson - Wimmer Group and the Solar Park Development.
 Benson should become a very important component in the testing of unmanned systems in the near future.

Watch for Events for the Winter Visitors this fall and next Spring.  Andrew Abernathy, Stephanie Gerson are planning for 3 events that will welcome winter visitors to our area starting in December.  Please follow www.saedg.org. for additional information.  You will also be able to follow these events on our facebook page, Southeast Arizona Economic Development Group.