Thursday, December 7, 2017

Getting ready for the New Year!

We have had a very busy month preparing for 2018.  Membership drive, changes to the office interior, discussions with possible new business owners, preparing for the January 9th luncheon and more. Here are some reminders and announcements for December/January...

Please consider Renewing your Membership or Becoming Member. See our Home Page ( for Membership Levels and benefits or contact Carol at

Did you know that SAEDG has cubicle office space for rent?  We currently have openings for 3 spaces. This is a good way to help build your start up business with a "store front" without the cost of a store front. It is also a good way to cut costs when you are reorganizing your current business. For more information contact Carol at OR George at

Important Date! - On December 11th there will be a City Council meeting at City Hall, 7:00 p.m., which includes a call to the public. Please come to the meeting to show your support for the Villages at Vigneto project. If you would like to speak in support please come to the meeting with your prepared statement. It will be very helpful to show our support in big numbers. For information on the benefits of the project please see the Home page at and click on the benefits of this project link.

Southeast Arizona Economic Development Group:
SSensible advice for business development in our area
AAll of the up to the minute economic development news for Benson & SE Arizona
E Every opportunity to have your business involved in the community
DDoing what is best for Southeastern Arizona’s Economic Development
GGoing “all out” to assist our Members

Thank you for all of your help and support in 2017.  We wish you the BEST of Holidays! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Blog of November!
Things are stirring, plans are being made and an upswing of Economic Development is on the horizon...

The Public Notice Comment Period for the Re-evaluation of Permit No SPL-2003-00826-KAT is getting closer to it's deadline on December 4th.  If you have not done so already please send in your Letters of Support or sign our Petition before December 4th. Details are on our Website: It is important for us to show our support of this project as it will kick start positive economic growth in Cochise County and the surrounding areas. We are excited about what the future will bring in respect to the opportunities the Villages of Vigneto will bring.

Our luncheon on November 7th was sponsored by Arizona G&T Cooperatives which included a presentation by Geoff Oldfather. Geoff is a Member of SAEDG and Cooperative Communications & Public Relations Manager of Arizona G&T. Our next Member luncheon will be held on January 9th, we hope to see you there!

David DiPeso has been voted in as SAEDG's new President. David has been serving as our Vice-President and is taking over for our former President Larry Dempster who has stepped down as President to focus on his work as a new City Council Member.

SAEDG Membership Dues will be due this January. Please renew your Membership with us. We are currently focusing on our Membership campaign for the coming year. SAEDG is working to expand our Membership by at least 30% for the coming year. 

Thank you for taking a moment to read our Blog and please check out our November Newsletter for more information!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Busy October!

New Developments:
  • Gracie's Station is now Butterfield Station.  Next time you drive by take a look in that direction and you will see a new sign reflecting the name change!
This Month's Activities:

Networking, information and new opportunities have marked the days this month.

On October 5th we attended the Benson Economic Outlook luncheon at the Benson School. Benson economy is starting to improve. The Benson area is anticipating a boost to our economy in the near future stimulated mainly by the Villages at Vigneto.

As you may know, The Villages at Vigneto reinstatement of the Clean Water Act, Section 404 Permit is a very important step to the beginning of the project. If you have not sent in your letter of support, please do so before the deadline on November 4th, 2017. For further information on submitting a letter of support go our Website at

 A representative for SAEDG attended the CDFA Arizona Financing Roundtable regarding the best practices within the state's development finance industry. This event included topics such as Arizona Legislative Update & Market Watch, IDAs and the latest in Bond Financing across Arizona, Economic development at the border and Financing Mixed-use development - The Latest Trends. This information is helpful to our organization and helps us to better assist our community.

On October 17th Board Members attended the Community Leaders Luncheon at the San Pedro Golf Course in Benson. This is a great way to touch base with our local leaders and network with not only local businesses but Representatives from the State of Arizona. The San Pedro Golf Course is the location for SAEDG's 2nd Annual Golf Tournament & Wine Tasting, Saturday, October 28th, so this gave us an opportunity to encourage more golfers to participate in our event! If you haven't signed up yet don't miss out on the fun, sign up today!

Monday, September 18, 2017

September Blog
  Things are stirring!

This September has been and is busy month! On the 12th we had our SAEDG Luncheon. The topic was SunZia's project development for the 515 mile transmission line that will run through the states of New Mexico and Arizona. Lunch from Magaly's was provided by SunZia.  We had a very good turnout. A diverse group of 47 people were in attendance and actively involved in the conversation. Our next luncheon will be held on November 7th. More information on that meeting to follow.

SAEDG's board meeting will be on Tuesday, September 19th. Good things are stirring and there will be a lot of things to discuss regarding future endeavors.  On September 22nd SAEDG Members will be going on a tour to the Excelsior/Johnson mine. We are proud to have Excelsior as a member of SAEDG and are looking forward to the tour of the mine.  We will be heading out for another members tour at the mine sometime this coming spring, details to follow.

As always, we would love to have those that are not members join SAEDG as a member! Please contact us for further information on becoming a member of a group that is promoting the economic development of this area.

On October 5th SAEDG will be in attendance for the 20th Annual Benson Economic Outlook Luncheon that will be held at the Benson school. This meeting will be a review of the Benson economy over the past year and the economic outlook for the coming year.  The information will help us to develop the best ways we can assist our community in this coming year.

SAEDG's monthly Newsletter will be sent out at the end of this month, be on the lookout for it!

For more information contact: Carol Treuber Email: carolt@saedg, Phone: 520-686-9163 Address: Southeast Arizona Economic Development Group, 168 E. 4th St., Benson, AZ 85602.

Friday, August 18, 2017

                             Hot August news!
SAEDG is Cool

We have two upcoming events:  The SAEDG Members luncheon September 12th and SAEDG 2nd Annual Golf Tournament and Wine Tasting, October 28th. Please refer to our invitations, newsletter and Facebook page for information. These are opportunities to network and discuss the potential for new business in our area.

It is a promising time for Benson and it's surrounding areas, a time to exchange ideas and to take action. SAEDG is taking action by promoting the Benson area with our Asset Inventory project, Certified Sites work and with participation in many discussions about how to best promote what is available to new and existing businesses.  The SAEDG office is a place buzzing with inquiries from both potential and existing business.  Stop by and visit.

Join the action and become an SAEDG Member today. Members are helping to stimulate the local economy by supporting the efforts of SAEDG and participating in discussions that involve positive growth.

                                          See our Blog next month for the latest news...

Thursday, July 13, 2017

July - Getting Ready for the Future!

This month we are revving things up with our Asset Inventory and Certification Sites process.  

The Asset Inventory project is a gathering place for information on all available Land and Commercial sites for Sale/Lease in the Benson area and Cochise County.  We currently have over 40 listings and are going strong.  With the Villages at Vigneto development coming to Benson our office has been getting inquiries from buyers who are considering our area.  We are not working as brokers but are a gathering place of information for potential buyers who are interest in the Benson area.  When an interested party comes to us we can look through what we have listed and suggest properties that would fit their needs and give them contact information for the broker/seller. 

We hope this project will be of great assistance to our local businesses and to those who are invested in our area. If you have a property you would like us to include in our Asset Inventory program please contact us with the details.

The Certified Sites program is a Certification through the Arizona Commerce Authority.  We have applied for certification on three sites and are working toward getting as many Certified sites as possible for our area.  This is an especially good tool to get our area noticed by Site Selectors and the AZ Commerce Authority.

Get in on the action and become a Member of SAEDG!  Applications for membership are available on our Website at or email

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

🌳This first week of June...

SAEDG now has 36 Members and growing. We welcome New/Renewing Members this week: San Pedro Real Estate and The WLB Group, Inc., Website:  Join us by becoming a Member today!

We have been posting new properties on ZoomProspector, If you are looking for property in the Benson area check out ZoomProspector for Commercial and Vacant lot postings.  The most recent listing:  287 W. 4th St., contact Dipeso Realty in Benson,

We welcome Benson Cellular Repair to the SAEDG offices at 168 E. 4th St.,Benson, AZ 85602. Check out their FaceBook page: Bensoncellularrepair

If SAEDG can do anything to assist your business please let us know.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SAEDG Hot Topic

Wednesday, May 23, 2017

Hot topics:  El Dorado Holdings and the Villages at Vigneto.  Gracie’s Station.  Film Industry in Arizona and promoting Cochise County.

Gracie’s Station luncheon:  A luncheon to promote events to be held in Benson, possibly at Gracie’s  Station, was held on May 16th, 2017.  The luncheon was attended by 54 people.  Guests were treated to a lunch sponsored by San Pedro Partners, Jerry DeGrazia and Hal Aston.  The introductory speakers included George Scott of SAEDG, Jerry Degrazia and Hal Ashton, owners of Gracie’s Station.  The main speakers were Craig Hensley, actor and producer and Joanne Gammons of Gammons Gulch. The topic was “Promoting the Film Industry in Arizona and specifically Cochise County”.  Discussion and networking followed.  There were many discussions regarding the promotion of Cochise County and the upcoming developments in the area. The guests were very impressed with Gracie’s Station and the potential for future use.

The Villages at Vigneto:  The Villages at Vigneto is a large scale project by El Dorado Benson LLC that will include homes, golf courses, a village center and more. Property developers are eagerly awaiting the news of a start date for this project to begin.  It is expected that the Villages at Vigneto will generate $1 billion annually to the area.