Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SAEDG Hot Topic

Wednesday, May 23, 2017

Hot topics:  El Dorado Holdings and the Villages at Vigneto.  Gracie’s Station.  Film Industry in Arizona and promoting Cochise County.

Gracie’s Station luncheon:  A luncheon to promote events to be held in Benson, possibly at Gracie’s  Station, was held on May 16th, 2017.  The luncheon was attended by 54 people.  Guests were treated to a lunch sponsored by San Pedro Partners, Jerry DeGrazia and Hal Aston.  The introductory speakers included George Scott of SAEDG, Jerry Degrazia and Hal Ashton, owners of Gracie’s Station.  The main speakers were Craig Hensley, actor and producer and Joanne Gammons of Gammons Gulch. The topic was “Promoting the Film Industry in Arizona and specifically Cochise County”.  Discussion and networking followed.  There were many discussions regarding the promotion of Cochise County and the upcoming developments in the area. The guests were very impressed with Gracie’s Station and the potential for future use.

The Villages at Vigneto:  The Villages at Vigneto is a large scale project by El Dorado Benson LLC that will include homes, golf courses, a village center and more. Property developers are eagerly awaiting the news of a start date for this project to begin.  It is expected that the Villages at Vigneto will generate $1 billion annually to the area.